About Me

Claire Aucella

Hi, welcome to my blog!

I started this blog as a fun space to share my recipe ideas, food photography, and adventures (mostly) around California. I’m an East Coast transplant to the West Coast, and I’m loving everything California has to offer! You’ll find me at a farmer’s market every weekend, with plenty of hikes and beach trips in between. I also love to travel and care about health and fitness, so I’ll post a few things here and there about these topics as well.

My day job is a food scientist, so a lot of my posts will have some food science elements to how a recipe works. Mostly, I hope this blog inspires some learning and fun around food, and offers some tips on things to do, see, and eat to live a happy, healthy life!

In my blog, you will find:
  • Recipes
  • Adventures
  • Gardening
  • Photos