Welcome to the Blog!

Hello Blogging World!  I’m finally taking the leap into writing my stories, both from a food and recipe perspective, and from the perspective of my various life adventures.  I always think to myself, hey, I have great ideas, I should write them down!  So here we are!  I fully have no intentions of anyone reading this, although my mind always wanders to this becoming hugely popular and me ending up with my own cookbook and Food Network show.  Alas, a girl can dream!

Anyway, at this point in time, I’m a 29 year old lady living in California, living my dream of being a food scientist at a major food company, who enjoys perusing farmers markets and photographing its wares in my free time.  I was raised in an Italian American family, and have lived all over the world, from Maryland (born and raised!), upstate New York, The Netherlands, Denmark, Arkansas, and now California.  I’ve picked up influences and fun ideas from all of these life adventures, so please be prepared for at least one crab-themed post per summer and dishes with a blend of California and Italian influences. 

The majority of my interests focus on food and cooking.  My passion in the subject starts back when I was very young (child of the 90s), watching Julia Child, Lidia Bastianich, Ming Tsai, Jaque Pepin, and Sarah Moulton on PBS while my Dad cooked delicious Sunday dinners.  I distinctly remember the Food Network coming onto the scene, and was a huge fan of Emeril (BAM!) and Mario Batali (is that not cool to say nowadays?) as they rose to fame.  Good Eats (and Alton Brown) hugely impacted my life, introducing me to a subject called “food science” that I would later go on to major in at college and make my career.  I remember staying up late watching Iron Chef America (the Japanese version, of course) with my sister, and was all about the drama of Bobby Flay competing on the show.  As a teen and into my early twenties, I absorbed every piece of content produced by Anthony Bourdain, and expanded my interests into the amazing talents and points of view of Eric Ripert. My culinary content consumption has recently shifted to all things Bon Appetit, and I am obsessed with every food editor that works there. 

Along with food and cooking, I enjoy hiking/camping/nature, traveling, and activities in general.  I love my job and think food science is awesome, and have developed a deep interest in nutrition and health over time as well.  I push myself to work out (I’m not really going to say that I enjoy it, but I do enjoy the feeling of being strong).  Perhaps these are some topics that may appear on the blog as well.

I hope that was enough of an introduction and that this (maybe?) piqued someone’s interest!  Regardless, I’m going to keep writing these and challenging myself to capture some of my ideas and stories before I forget them all.  Come along for the ride if you would like!


2 comments on “Welcome to the Blog!”
  1. Susan Light says:

    I couldn’t find another way to follow your blog, hoping this works!😊


    1. aucellc says:

      Hi Susan! I think I saw that you are following by email, which I appreciate! Thanks for joining my little corner of the internet, I hope you enjoy my future posts!


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