Product Review – Tea Drops

I discovered Tea Drops this weekend on a leisurely stroll through Costco, and I have to admit, I’ve been hooked ever since.  I was drawn to this item because of all of the great claims – woman-owned business (I’m a woman who supports women!), tea without the tea bag (how environmentally conscious!), instant iced tea (I have no patience!), whole leaf teas (yes, good quality!).  I tossed these into the cart as a fun splurge for the week, and I’m pleased to report that I’ve been really loving this product.

As an avid tea drinker, I am always looking for and buying new tea varieties to keep myself interested.  I love iced tea but rarely have the patience to brew it and allow it to cool, and now that I’m back to work full-time, my tea selections at my desk have to be both tasty and lightly caffeinated to help me get through my daily mid-afternoon slump (the struggle is real, friends!).  Before this product, the idea of an instant, desk-ready iced tea was not happening, and the fact that Tea Drops makes a mighty delicious instant iced tea at a moment’s notice is a total afternoon slump game-changer.

I’ve tried making the Tea Drops a couple of different ways.  The first few times I tried them, I added them straight to a bottle of cold water, and shook vigorously (very vigorously) to allow the tea drop to dissolve into my bottle.  The drop does dissolve fully after a bit of effort, and the result is a very nice, intensely flavored, and completely unsweetened iced tea.  Although you do have to shake the bottle for a while to get everything incorporated, this method works really well for an on-the-go iced tea option. 

The method that I’ve developed at my desk is a bit more involved, but super easy if you have access to a typical office water cooler with a hot and cold water function.  Hear me out: I add the tea drop to my coffee mug, and pour about a half cup of the hot water into the mug.  The tea drop dissolves very easily in the hot water, so no vigorous shaking is needed here!  Simply stir with a spoon until fully dissolved.  Next, I add the pre-brewed and dissolved tea to my larger cold water glass, and give it a quick stir to combine.  Boom, perfect, fresh, iced matcha tea at my desk.  What more could a girl ask for?

If you are looking for fun products to ease yourself back into office life, consider these Tea Drops as a great option!  The Matcha flavor has a delightful amount of natural caffeine that has been a perfect 3:00 pick me up, which has been keeping me going through the late afternoon office hours.  In addition, the Tea Drops can be enjoyed as hot tea as well, which is ideal for those times when you are craving a cozy cup while dealing with the always too cold office AC.  If you find these at your local Costco, I fully recommend!

The Costco pack comes with 40 tea drops, 20 with Matcha Green Tea, and 20 with Citrus Ginger Tea.  Both flavors are teas that are completely bagless, the tea is pressed together into a cute little teardrop shape that fits into most water bottles very easily.  Both flavors are completely unsweetened, which is perfect for adjusting the sweetness levels to your individual liking.  According to their website, they seem to have a lot of other flavors that all sound really fun (Apple Pie, Blueberry Acai, Vanilla White Tea, to name a few), and they also have fun tea kits and mixed packs!  The pack that I bought at Costco is currently only available at Southern California Costco stores, but definitely check out their website here if you are interested to try more!

This post was not sponsored by Tea Drops, just some kind words written by a fan!  I bought these with my own money, and just wanted spread the word that I think Tea Drops are an awesome product by an awesome, woman owned company!

Learn more about Tea Drops on their website here!

Check them out on Instagram here!

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