Product Review: Herr’s Old Bay Cheese Curls

We actually got on an airplane (!) and went on a vacation (!!) back to my home state of Maryland over the Fourth of July weekend.  It was so nice to be home with the family, enjoying the fireworks down in Washington DC, going on hikes in the 90 degree humidity, and kayaking around the Chesapeake Bay followed by a crab cake lunch.  We did all the quintessential Maryland summer things, and it was so great to be back after over a year of quarantine life out on the West Coast.

During our time back East, we took a trip to the local Wegmans and picked up a bag of Herr’s Old Bay Seasoned Cheese Curls to try.  As a fan of the classic Crab Chips, how could I resist?

The results from my whole family (and Chris, the only non-native Marylander in this taste-test) confirmed that these cheese curls are absolutely delicious.  Definitely still cheesy, while packing in that Old Bay punch on the finish that slowly builds into salty, spicy, vinegar-y, celery flavor as you continue snacking away.  They are the perfect cheese curl texture – the classic styrofoam-like, corn base that melts in your mouth if you let it, and crunches delightfully if you eat them fast.  The flavors of Old Bay and cheddar cheese blend surprisingly well together, and create a wonderfully cheesy/spicy blend that’s perfect for a hot, humid day.

Pick up a bag on your way to the beach, bring them to your next barbecue or crab feast, snack on them at the pool with a big tall glass of iced tea and some fresh watermelon – this snack is a Maryland summer in a bag, and it’s totally worth enjoying. 

This post was not sponsored by Herr’s or Old Bay, just an honest review from a fan!  If you are interested in giving these a try and you’re not in the Maryland area, they sell them on Amazon!

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