21 Day Fix Challenge!

I know, I know – it’s super cliché to start a new work out challenge on New Year’s Day.  But hear me out – this year and every year, the holidays happened.  Work parties, team lunches, family gatherings, Thanksgiving leftovers, airport food, cookies, office treats that your coworkers keep bringing in, plus a weekend trip to San Francisco.  December was a month of indulgence, and it caught up with me.

So, to counteract all of my December gluttony, I decided that I am ready for a New Years challenge!  This month, I am challenging myself to do the Beachbody 21 Day Fix Real Time workouts in 21 days.  All the way through, no rest days, no breaks, no excuses.

I’ve done this whole program all the way through before, and I really like the workouts.  Pre-holidays, I was tackling one week at a time (the workouts get progressively harder over the three weeks) for a month or so.  I was doing Week 3 pretty consistently in December, along with eating plenty of treats to cancel that work out. 

My biggest challenge will not necessarily be the workouts, it will be to stick to them.  I understand that the whole point of this program is to go all the way through without breaks.  But let’s be real, I’ve never come close to that.  The best I’ve ever done is consistently doing 4 workouts a week.  Fridays and weekends will definitely be a challenge for me (these are usually my rest days), but I want to do this!  I want to prove to myself that tackling the whole program is possible, and I know I will feel so strong and accomplished by the end of the three weeks.

Who else out there is doing a fitness challenge this month?  What personal goals do you have for 2020?

I can say that I’m already one workout into this activity and that already feels great.  My goal here is truly to stay consistent in my workouts, instead of just doing a few here and there and considering that good enough.  I want to get back to feeling stronger and leaner, and I always feel better as a person when I feel in shape, which I’m definitely not right now.  I’m looking forward to this challenge to reset my habits from the holiday mindset of eating whatever and whenever to a more focused mindset around consistency, goal setting, and living an active and healthy lifestyle.  I’ll post updates along the way if I find anything interesting as I go, so we’ll see!  Getting ready for Day 2 tomorrow – here we go!

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