Joshua Tree Adventure Guide: Farmer’s Market and Downtown

Where to stay, what to do, on an adventure through the desert!

As you may be aware by this point, I’m obsessed with Farmer’s Markets.  Every time I go to a new city or even part of California, I always check to see if there is a local market happening when I’m in town.  I got lucky on this trip and convinced Chris to take some time off of hiking to go explore the Joshua Tree Farmer’s Market, which runs every Saturday morning.

This is a great little market, with plenty of pretty flowers and fun produce options.  We even got some handmade rugalas that were a delightful little treat!  The surrounding mountains were snow-capped and picture-perfect this time of year, so I definitely recommend this as a fun stop.  We picked up some fresh macadamia nuts (which is something I’ve never seen before), and some sugar snap peas for our drive home.

Next to the Farmer’s Market are some fun shops, including some cafes and hippie/health food markets. There is an outdoor supply store and some more fun shops across the street, so we browsed the area before heading back.  We also stopped at the Joshua Tree Gift Shop to pick up some cactus-themed souvenirs. 

Swinging by downtown Joshua Tree is a fun little side adventure, especially if you can catch the Saturday market.  A good little break from nature and a chance to be back on the grid for a bit while exploring some fun local shops.

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