Joshua Tree Adventure Guide: Camp Site

Where to stay, what to do, on an adventure through the desert!

Throughout our three-night stay, we did some tent camping at Indian Cove Campground.  This campground was honestly one of the coolest that we have ever stayed at, and I can honestly say that I missed waking up to this view when I got out of bed at my normal house this morning.  The landscape was breath-taking, with tons of cool rock formations, mini hiking trails, and cacti all around!  It felt like we had our own private mountain, and the surrounding valley gave me serious Lion King vibes every morning (think: “everything the light touches is yours” vibes).  The star-gazing at night was also amazing, we saw a few shooting stars!

The campsites all come with a fire pit, a grill, a picnic table, and plenty of space in between them.  We reserved ours when the reservations opened 6 months ago, so pre-planning is definitely a must!  All campsites were completely booked (throughout the entire park, not just at Indian Cove) for the entire weekend, so this trip is not ideal for any last-minute camping or if you’re hoping to find some open sites for the night.  Planning ahead definitely pays off for these views!

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