The Internet Made Me Buy It: Egyptian Magic

Welcome to my new column, “The Internet Made Me Buy It”, where I review products that were advertised to me on the internet.  I buy these products out of genuine interest and hope that they will improve my life in some way.  Let’s find out if they actually do.

I’ve made it clear before that I’m a huge Bon Appetit fan.  I follow all the Instagram feeds.  I watch all the YouTube videos.  I read a lot of their content. 

One of their columns that I enjoy particularly (and am often influenced by) is their column called “Highly Recommend”, a column in which the various BA Staff members write about their favorite things.  In one such article, Carla Lalli Music, one of my personal favorites of the BA Staff members, waxed poetic about Egyptian Magic, a product that is supposed to make my hands so smooth and so perfect all the time.  As it is currently winter (prime dry hand season) and Egyptian Magic became conveniently available at my local Costco over Christmas, I made the plunge (and split the bulk pack with my mom and sister) to see if Carla was right.

Egyptian Magic is a blend of olive oil, beeswax, honey, bee pollen, propolis, and royal jelly.  All of these things (except for the propolis) are familiar and sound natural to me, and I appreciate a short but functional ingredient list.  The aroma is faintly of honey, which is very pleasant.  I hate overly perfumed lotions, so I totally approve of Egyptian Magic from the smell perspective.

The texture of Egyptian Magic takes a little getting used to.  It’s similar to a chapstick texture opposed to a lotion, which melts quickly into more of an oil with contact to body heat.  It remains oily and a little greasy for my taste, and it leaves a little bit of residue on things you touch (phone, steering wheel, keyboard) immediately and up to an hour after application.  I’m personally not here for leaving traces of where my hands have been throughout the day, so this is a big negative for Egyptian Magic.

The best application and work around that I have discovered for this product is to use it at night, right before bed.  I usually apply some to my hands, lips, and any other skin that’s feeling particularly dry that day right before I crawl into bed.  By the time I wake up the next morning, that greasiness of the initial application is totally gone, and my skin has been transformed to being totally soft, smooth, and ready for the day.  A definite win for Egyptian Magic.

Egyptian Magic has worked its way successfully into my evening self-care routine, and I have Carla Lalli Music to thank for it.  Again, this product is not the best for throughout the day/on-the-go applications, but it does work wonders when it’s given enough time to sink in. 

Would I buy it again?  Maybe.  Do think other lotions or hand creams do more or less the same thing? Yes. Buy it if you want!

Link to the original Highly Recommend Article:

  • Cover Photo is a screenshot of this page, and therefore photo credit to Bon Appetit.

Link to Egyptian Magic’s website to learn more:

PS: I looked up what propolis is, and I learned new things!  Apparently it is a substance secreted by bees to build the outside of their hives.  It’s made from a blend of secretions, tree sap, and beeswax, and is said to be rich in antioxidants.  Bees are fun!

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