Instagram Features

Wanted to start a page to keep track of all of my Instagram features! Although my following is small but growing, my photos have been shared around quite a few accounts at this point, so I thought it would be fun to start keeping track. If you like what you see, follow along with me @claire.aucella on Instagram!

Sunset Magazine:

Sunset Magazine has been kind enough to share four of my photos, which has really helped me gain some exposure on the gram! These four features are below:

CA Grown Official:

I love this page and appreciate their support! I’m a big user of the #californiagrown hashtag, so it’s always fun to be featured on their page!

Farmer’s Market Accounts:

I think it’s clear by this point that I’m a big fan of farmer’s markets, so it’s always nice to be shared by their accounts. Most of these are pretty old, but maybe I’ll get some new ones to share soon!

Gets Around:

I’ve seen this photo pop up in various articles about artichokes, which I find amusing!

It’s fun to see the evolution of my feed, I definitely don’t filter that aggressively anymore! I hope you liked these and I hope to add more to the list as time goes on. Happy Instagram-ing, everyone!

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