Lemon Curd

Life has given me more lemons, so I’m powering through more ideas on how to use them!  Get ready for more lemon-themed posts over the next few days.  I’m open to new ideas to try as well, so comment down below on your best uses of lemons!

I made lemon curd this weekend using this recipe posted by Budget Bytes (click on the link to access it!).  I like that it made a small portion (enough for two of us to enjoy as a little dessert) and the recipe turned out great.  Very smooth, nice and rich, with a strong lemon punch.  It only required things that I already had on hand (butter, sugar, an egg, and lemons), so it was easy to whip up as a quick treat.  Picture of my lemon curd is posted above.

I served mine with some fresh blackberries, but it would also be awesome with some fresh whipped cream, fresh shortbread or sugar cookies, or used as a topping for ice cream or a base for lemon bars or lemon merengue pie.  I’m thinking it could be a fun base for another version of lemon ice cream, so stay tuned for that future experiment!  Until then, I’ll just be over here loving citrus season until it ends.


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