2.19.20 Garden Update

We had a happy little harvest from Bakersfield this weekend, including most of my peas from my two little plants, two banana peppers, and another handful of tomatoes.  Pictures of the Bakersfield harvest and garden below!

Everything that we put into Santa Barbara is in the growing phase, and we are starting to think about our spring planting.  We put the Bakersfield garden in last March, so new things coming in soon!  The weather is starting to warm up nicely, which means we survived our one month of “winter”. Exciting to start thinking about planting for the warmer months!

In other news, my citrus trees have started budding out new growth and will be flowering soon.  I’m sure I’ll write a quick post about the blooms because the flowers are just as exciting to me as the resulting fruit.  So fragrant, so pretty, and so good for the bees!

That’s all for now, just wanted to write a quick little update for the day!

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