Bakersfield City Guides: Visit Murray Family Farms

Over the weekend, Chris and I took a little afternoon out to go visit Murray Family Farms.  They were offering a 2 for 1 deal on farm entry (we love a bargain) to go see the flowers start to bloom on their fruit trees and experience the end of their citrus harvest for the season.  Located way out on the East Side of Bakersfield right off of Highway 58, this is a great stop if you are road tripping through the area and are in need of some food, gas, and fun for the kids. 

It was pretty quiet when we went out during the winter months, but I’m sure it’s much more exciting in summer.  They have set-ups for paintball, corn cannons, lots of slides, animals to look at, hay rides, and lots of fresh produce, jams, pies, and some hot meals to buy at the main barn area.  You can also pay to pick your own fruit depending on the season, which is always a fun time.  Chris and I had a nice time strolling around the fruit trees and looking at all the early blossoms.  We also saw a jackrabbit out in the surrounding plains, which was definitely the highlight for Chris.

I took lots of pictures of the blossoms and citrus trees, all below.  I would definitely recommend stopping by Murray Family Farms if you are looking for a fun Bakersfield afternoon.  They have a strong Farmer’s Market presence all around Bakersfield and into LA, so I’ve been wanting to go visit for a while.  We’re hoping to come back in the summer/fall to experience the rest of their activities!

Link to their website is here for more information:

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