4.21.20 Bakersfield Garden Update

We’ve been doing quite a bit of work around the garden recently, spending our weekends in the Santa Barbara garden and doing some updates around the Bakersfield garden as well.  Wanted to give a quick update of our Bakersfield progress so far!

Today, we pulled our rainbow chard plants that have been growing all winter.  They never made it to the monster-sized plants that we have in Santa Barbara, but the leaves were beautiful to see sticking out of the pot.  They grew okay over winter here, if I would do anything differently I would plant them earlier so they could get a good jump on growth before it gets too cold.  We put them in during the coldest months, so they struggled to start but powered through!  Picture from our chard harvest below:

We also put in four new tomato plants, two Sungold tomatoes, one yellow pear tomato, and one sweetie cherry tomato.  The cherry tomato plant that I had last year did very well, so we decided to go all-in on the cherry-sized tomatoes this year.  The Sungolds and yellow pears are yellow, and the sweetie cherries will be red, so a fun mix of colors.  I also still have my Early Girl plant that is thriving from last year, and still producing good sized red tomatoes.  Looking forward to a fun year of different shapes and colors in the tomato world this year!

Finally, we have a pot of carrots that I put in over winter that are almost ready to pull.  I plan on replacing those with two eggplant plants, which do really well here in Bakersfield.  I also have a couple pepper plants that will be replaced, so more to come on the varieties that we choose for those! 

Happy gardening, friends!

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