Bakersfield City Guides: For Great Vegan Food, Stop by The Hen’s Roost

I haven’t posted one of these in a while, because frankly, we rarely go anywhere anymore.  But, this past Saturday, we did break free from our house to go out and about for a bit, and we stopped by The Hen’s Roost in Downtown Bakersfield for some of my favorite vegan eats in town.

Now, I personally am not vegan, but I do like to incorporate plant-based meals into my diet as much as possible (all about that flexitarian lifestyle over here!).  All of the food on the menu at The Hen’s Roost is completely vegan comfort food, featuring items ranging from Impossible Burgers, soups and salads, tacos, and loaded fries.  Their burgers are classic In n Out style, loaded with veggies, flavorful sauce, with an Impossible or Beyond patty (your choice!) that tastes just like beef.  I love the tacos, which are filled with a vegan meat substitute that tastes just like Taco Bell ground beef and come served in a deep fried corn tortilla!  Still totally indulgent, but still 100% plant based!

If I could recommend any item on their menu, it would be the Thai fries.  These fries are fried fresh and served incredibly hot, and come loaded with Thai peanut sauce, sweet and spicy chili sauce, fresh cilantro, riced cauliflower and carrots, and pickled red onions.  These fries are absolutely perfect, and come in a big, shareable portion that will totally satisfy your comfort food cravings.  Hot fries, sweet and spicy sauce, pickles – these fries hit all of the flavor and texture notes, and I am totally here for them.

Another fun thing about The Hen’s Roost – the owner of this fine establishment is also in charge of all of the Bakersfield Farmer’s Markets (photo up top from one of my many Bakersfield Farmer’s Market adventures)!  During quarantine times, she moved the market downtown and shortened it just to Saturday to limit exposure of covid.  Saturdays are the perfect time to stop by, grab some vegan food, and pick up some beautiful fresh produce and home-goods!  We stopped by last Saturday and had a lovely mid-morning (fully masked!) adventure picking up our produce for the week, and ate our Hen’s Roost order to go in the car. 

So, if you are looking for a fully local, plant based addition to your food scene here in Bakersfield, stop by the Hen’s Roost for some delicious vegan eats!

Visit the Hen’s Roost! Website linked here, Instagram linked here.


One comment on “Bakersfield City Guides: For Great Vegan Food, Stop by The Hen’s Roost”
  1. Catherine Aucella says:

    Add that to our list for whenever we escape MD and come out for a visit! You had me at Thai fries!


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