Dumplings in San Francisco!

Here’s the thing friends, I love dumplings.  I especially love good dumplings, which is why every time I visit San Francisco, I seek them out.  We visited San Francisco over the past weekend for a conference that Chris was attending (and that I crashed), and penciled in our dumpling day for Sunday morning before we left town.

Our hotel was conveniently within walking distance of Chinatown (which is the way to do it, gotta burn off some of that energy to keep eating more).  We set out to discover that Sunday is a bustling market day in Chinatown, with vendors in every store selling an interesting mix of fruits and vegetables, dried fish, fresh fish, noodles, ramen, treats, and even Cucumber Flavored Lays (yes, we bought some).  There were so many restaurants open and offering delicious looking dumplings that we stopped into one on our way out to sample a steamed sticky rice wrapped in a lotus leaf for me, and a sesame ball for Chris.

We also stopped into our main destination, Good Mang Kok, which has been featured on many San Francisco food guides as one of the best destinations for dumplings in the city (check out this Eater Guide for a full list!).  The dumplings here are served in to-go containers out of giant steamers (no cart service at this place), and the dumplings are extremely well-priced for what you get.  We ordered the steamed chive dumplings (with shrimp), BBQ pork bun, chicken shu mai, and another sesame ball.  We found a bench in the park to enjoy our dumpling haul, which all cost between $1.50-$2.00 per order (total bargain!). 

I definitely recommend going to Chinatown in San Francisco (especially on a Sunday morning).  It was a great adventure that satisfied my dumpling craving!


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