We Grew Zucchini!

And we have so much more to come, friends!

We planted our zucchini plants back in mid-April into our first freshly re-wired bed.  Our plants have truly taken off since then, and have produced their first fruit in just over a month after planting.  We often joke that they double in size every week, and looking back through photos, this may not have been an understatement:

We harvested our first four zucchinis this past weekend, and will be well-stocked with zucchini over the course of the summer.  They seem to be thriving, so much so that they may be choking out the two tomato plants that we put in with them (hopefully not!).  We planted two traditional zucchini plants (classic green ones) as well as an Italian striped zucchini variety.  We also have yellow summer squash plants ready to go in, so more garden updates to come throughout the summer season!

Look forward to many more zucchini recipes coming soon to the blog!  I’m excited about them now – but let’s see how I feel by the end of the summer!

Happy gardening, friends!


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