Tehachapi City Guide: Kohnen’s Country Bakery – Authentic German Bakery

After our apple adventure, we swung by a hidden gem in Tehachapi, Kohnen’s Country Bakery.  Kohnen’s Country Bakery is an authentic German bakery that offers sandwiches, freshly baked breads, German goods (yes, including mustard and beer), and pastry cases loaded with everything from freshly baked pretzels to strudels, cakes, and cookies.  The food is fantastic and also is extremely well-priced, which made this an excellent lunch stop that we really enjoyed!

Chris got the bratwurst special that came loaded with sauerkraut and mustard, and I got the lox and cream cheese (not very German, I know) on one of their house-made bagels (does that make my order better?).  I have to say, the brat sandwich was obviously delicious, and was fully approved by Chris, the bratwurst expert in this household.  The bagel was actually one of the best I’ve had in California – not overly bready with a very nice chew.  We also left with a fresh loaf of bread, a soft pretzel, and a jar of mustard packed in a little glass beer stein (so fun!).  We can’t wait to go back, and I’m sad I’m just discovering this place now.

Pictures from our adventure below.  I would definitely recommend stopping by here if you are looking for some good eats on your Highway 58 adventures! Link to their website is here.

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