Tehachapi City Guide: Pulford Apple Orchard

We decided to get out of Bakersfield for the morning for some crisp, mountain air and fall activities.  We headed up the road on the 58 East for a nice 45 minute drive up to Tehachapi.  The first stop: Pulford Apple Orchard.

We have been keeping an eye on their apple supply since September, as they post the varieties they have available on their Instagram page.  This was one of the last weekends they have apples (it’s currently mid-October), so the season is a tight window that’s worth paying attention to.  Today, they had a lovely selection of Golden Delicious, Fuji, and Gold Blush apples available, and we scooped up a nice half-bushel box to take home with us!

They also had lots of cute fall décor, scare-crows and pumpkins abound for that festive fall spirit!  This is not a U-pick (or pick your own) apple place, but we were able to go walk around the trees and found a few with apples still on them for pictures (which is all I really care about, anyway).  They also had a cute little hay maze set up, and they had a little side store where you can buy apple pies and other apple products.  As this is still pandemic times, activities were pretty limited to just buying apples and enjoying the scenery, but that was still a nice adventure for the morning.

Oh, they are only open on the weekends – so check on Instagram to confirm hours and varieties available before going!  Pictures from our adventure today are below.  I definitely recommend this place if you are looking for a little bit of fall less than an hour from Bakersfield!  Link to their website is here.


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