Technique: Perfect Grilled Eggplant

One of my favorite summer foods is eggplant, and we tend to buy (and grow) the smaller varieties (purple pixie, little finger, or the Japanese long-style eggplants) as they are less bitter, less seedy, and super easy to prepare.  I feel like eggplant is at it’s best when it’s really cooked – it transforms from being kind of crunchy/chewy/rubbery in texture to a totally soft, almost bready texture that is so magical.  This has been my go-to method for cooking the smaller eggplant varieties this summer, and I always try to plan to have eggplants on hand for anytime we are going to break out the grill.

Method is shown below, with pictures!  These eggplants are awesome to eat on their own fresh off the grill tossed in a little balsamic vinegar and topped with fresh herbs, or can be refrigerated and saved for any number of salads.  These can also be transformed into one of my favorite dips – super creamy baba ghanoush.  The eggplant options are endless!


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