Restaurant Review: Senoratown

We made a day out of dropping Chris off to a red-eye flight out of LAX yesterday by spending a fun Saturday in Downtown LA.  We caught a comedy show, went to The Last Bookstore, and of course, ate a lot!  We crossed quite a few restaurants off of our LA list, including a taco and burrito spot that has been on the list for a while: Senoratown.

We went for dinner, and upon walking down 8th Street on our quest to find it, we noticed a lot of smoke along the block with the amazing aroma of grilled meat.  Looking across the street, we were pleased to find that it was coming from our destination, and were instantly excited.  The line seemed long but moved quickly, allowing you enough time to peruse the menu and make decisions while breathing in the meaty/smoky air.  As we got closer to ordering, we watched the team in the small kitchen busting out piles of beautifully grilled meats and assembling tacos and burritos on their famous flour tortillas. Not a bad way to wait for food at all.

The menu is nice and concise, with a good offering of tacos or burritos and their flour tortillas serving as the base for all of the menu items.  We ordered two tacos, one with costilla (grilled steak) and one with chorizo.  I ordered the small bean and cheese burrito (a complete bargain at only $3.50!), and Chris ordered the Burrito 2.0 with costilla.

In addition, we each got an agua fresca, the watermelon for me and the pepina limon (cucumber lime) for Chris.  I usually avoid agua frescas at taquerias because they are usually made from an overly sweet mix that seems like fruit punch.  The agua frescas at Senoratown are clearly made fresh with the actual fruits and vegetables described, and are not to be missed.  The pepina was refreshing and light, and was a really fun almost neon green color.  We agreed that the watermelon was the favorite (I’m honestly still thinking about it), as it tasted like the sweetest, most fresh watermelon in liquid form.  Both agua frescas were a refreshing way to start the meal after a day of walking around LA, and complemented our food very nicely when it came.

After successfully scoring a spot (people move in and out pretty fast, it wasn’t too hard) and enjoying our agua frescas, our food was brought out within 5 minutes of ordering.  The tacos were incredible, as the grilled meat flavor really came through, the tortillas held up nicely to all of the filling, and the two salsas (avocado and salsa roja) added great flavor without making the tacos overly spicy.  My bean and cheese burrito was the perfect size, and was an excellent take on a simple yet classic food.  Chris’s Burrito 2.0 was substantially larger than mine and included the extra meat and salsas, and was very spicy but tasty.

The food was excellent, and the location in Downtown LA is within walking distance of a lot of fun things that makes it easy to make a day out of exploring that area.  I would definitely recommend visiting Senoratown for some delicious and authentic tacos and agua frescas at a great price.

Visit Senoratown:

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