I Keep Frozen Dumplings on Hand Just to Make this Soup

I’ve waxed poetic about my love of soup before.  This will not be the last time either.  Let’s face it, it’s the post holiday season, we’re all some level of sick, and soup is a nourishing meal that is both good for the soul and can come together quickly with a well-stocked pantry.

This weekend I satisfied my ramen craving by making my own, and it was awesome.  I keep dry ramen noodles in my pantry and pulled out a box of chicken stock and was well on my way!  I heated up the stock to a rolling boil, added the noodles, and threw in some frozen dumplings to round out the meal.  I used the Bibigo chicken and cilantro mini wontons from Costco, which are always stocked in my freezer for a soup addition or a nice little after-work snack. 

After the noodles and the dumplings were cooked through, I poured my creation into a bowl and added some toppings!  This time I went for chopped scallions, a squeeze of lime, a dollop of miso, and some of my Thai Chili Paste (follow the link here to make it!).  Some other options that would work include ginger, fresh herbs (Thai basil would be awesome if you have it!), chili sauce, sesame oil/seeds, the list goes on.  This soup is totally customizable to anything that you have on hand, and I love that it revolves around three basic ingredients (chicken stock, ramen noodles, and frozen dumplings) that I almost always have stocked in the house.

I hope this inspired you to make your own wonton noodle soup!  It’s totally slurp-able and comes together in minutes, perfect for a chilly weeknight dinner!


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