My Lemons are Ripening!

Citrus season is one of the reasons why I love winter in California so much.  The first mandarins appeared at the market last weekend, and the oranges on the citrus groves that surround Bakersfield are just starting to ripen.  Pretty soon there will be lemons, oranges, limes, and grapefruits of every shape and size available at every turn.  Needless to say, citrus season makes me giddy for winter.

As soon as I moved to California almost three years ago, my parents helped me pick out three citrus trees to decorate the front of my apartment.  Since then, my Meyer lemon tree has always been a top producer, and this year has produced a bumper crop.  I harvested my first one last night, and we enjoyed it zested and squeezed over a big tray of roasted Brussels Sprouts and mushrooms.  So good.

I’m so proud of my little tree, and look forward to sharing many lemon-themed recipes coming soon!  Happy Citrus Season, friends!

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