Leftover Transformation: Indian Curry into Saag Feta

My boyfriend and I went out for dinner last night, and after much debate on where to go (we all know that story), settled on going out for Indian food.  After a delightful meal in a completely empty restaurant, we packed up our leftover rice and naan along with the remaining sauces from our curries and went on our way. 

I had plans for those leftovers as we were packing up – I wanted to repurpose the curry sauce into Priya Krishna’s Saag Feta recipe.  I’ve been seeing this recipe all over the internet for a while and always wanted to try it, so I re-watched the video of Priya making it in the Bon Appetit test kitchen and went to work.  I followed the protocol pretty exactly, only I used the curry sauce that we had (it was about a cup total) instead of a lot of the seasonings and spices.  I wilted a whole bag of spinach into the curry sauce and blended it all together, added some water to thin it out and my feta cubes, and dinner was served!  We also had plenty of rice and naan leftover, so dinner was just a few microwaved bowls of rice away!

I highly recommend making this dish, with the original recipe posted here and the video from Bon Appetit posted here.  The feta added a funky, tangy note, and the dish has a whole pound of greens blended into it, so it feels extremely healthy while also being so flavorful from all of the wonderful spices.  Whether you do it my way by starting from some leftover curries, or Priya’s way from scratch, I hope you give Saag Feta a try – it’s a great dish!

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