Row 7 Seeds Adventures!

I finally got to gift my order of Row 7 Seeds this weekend, and I’m so excited to plant them and share updates along the way next year.  Row 7 Seeds is a company that breeds plants for flavor over mass-production.  It is a partnership of chefs and plant breeders, so the resulting produce from this company is bound to be delicious.  If you’re interested in new, exciting, and flavorful seed varieties to grow next season, please check them out here.

The varieties that I bought are the 898 Squash (super tiny butternut squash bred for flavor, and have intensely orange flesh that is incredibly sweet and flavorful), Habanada Peppers (habenero peppers that have the heat bred out of them, resulting in a fruity pepper), Badger Flame beets (super colorful, nutritious, and large beets), and the purple Snow Pea mix.  There are other options available on their website, so definitely check them out!  Looking forward to the next garden season!


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