Trying the Habanada Pepper from Row 7 Seeds

Readers of the blog will know that I’m a big-time fan of Row 7 Seeds, as I’ve posted about them several times in the past.  So far, I’ve tasted most of their catalogue through finding the produce at Farmer’s Markets, including the Badger Flame Beet, Robin’s Koginut Squash, Experimental Cucumber, 898 Squash, the Trial Snow Pea Mix, and the Tetra Squash.  All of their products are bred for flavor and to maximize nutrient content, which makes these varieties super unique and exciting to cook with.  I’ve even dabbled with growing a few of these varieties, and we had great success with our 898 Squash plants this season (future post to come)!

This past weekend, we were finally able to track down the elusive Habanada Pepper from Row 7 Seeds at the Santa Monica Farmer’s Market.  We attempted to grow these in our garden with little success this year, so it was exciting to finally see some of the actual peppers out in the world.  We swooped in to buy some and took them home for a taste test of this new pepper.  This will have to suffice until we are able to grow our own some day!

Habanadas are essentially habanero peppers with the heat bred out of them, so the look is very similar to a habanero but the flavor is essentially a fruity, not at all spicy, version of the habanero flavor profile.  I’m on a personal journey to learn to love and embrace peppers more into my diet, and the fruity description of this variety has been very intriguing to me to try.

When we brought these home for our taste test, I have to say first that I am obsessed with the color on these.  The outsides are a brilliant orangey-peach color, and the insides are a delicate peachy-pink.  The shapes are super funky and fun, and are obviously reminiscent of its habanero cousin.

The flavor of these peppers were unlike anything I’ve ever tried before, and I really enjoyed them!  They have distinct fruity/floral notes that have a peachy/strawberry characteristic.  There is a light, peppery flavor as well (not at all spicy, but similar to a bell pepper flavor).  These peppers are true to form about not being spicy, and they truly are more fruity than vegetative.  I would describe their flavor profile as closest to a banana pepper, but with much more fruity flavor (but similar heat levels and peppery flavors).  I actually have been snacking on them raw all week, which I have never done with a pepper voluntarily before.

These peppers are an amazing find, and I would definitely recommend picking some up if you find them in your local market.  You can also order the seeds from Row 7 Seeds to try to grow them yourself!  We were pretty unsuccessful in our growing this year, we had one healthy plant that never produced any peppers, although this could very well be gardener’s error.  We will try again from seed next year and hope for better results!  Until then, I’m happy we got to give these a try, and look forward to future pepper adventures!

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