3.16.19 Garden Update

Spring is upon us, which means it’s time to start planting and planning for the summer.  Over the weekend, we started a bunch of our seeds, including these varieties:

  • Tomatoes:
    • San Marzano
    • Dakota Sport
    • Crimson Sprinter
  • Peppers:
    • Paprika
    • Shishito
  • Squash:
  • Cucumber:
    • Wautoma

More to come on how they grow, I’m excited to start planting!

We continued to harvest our very healthy chard and spinach, so I’m looking forward to eating some fresh veggies this week and hopefully help ward off any potential sickness.  Sitting at my desk and thinking about making my Garlicky Chard with Tomatoes when I get home, served with some seedy bread and burrata cheese.  I’m very excited.

Citrus season continues, so of course I took back another handful of Satsuma mandarins from our trees.  I also have another handful of tomatoes ready to be picked here in Bakersfield (hence my dinner thoughts). 

Grateful to have all of these great fresh foods around and to be able to live in a place where they grow year-round.  Even if you can’t grow them yourselves, surround yourself with fresh fruits and veggies, especially right now with the all-consuming coronavirus threats.  Stay safe and healthy out there, friends!

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