Burger Night with Home-Made Burger Buns!

We had quite the burger night on Sunday, complete with homemade hamburger buns, Tzatziki sauce, spicy pickle relish, oven fries, wedge salads, and of course, hamburger patties.  We successfully found some ground beef after a couple different Costco runs, and we went all out with our burger night, because, free time.

The hamburger bun recipe that we used was the King Arthur Flour recipe, linked here.  We added a ½ tsp of onion powder to ours and topped them with the Trader Joe’s Everything but the Bagel seasoning.  The process was relatively quick compared to our usual sourdough endeavors (about 2 hours total), and we had plenty of time to squeeze in a run during the proofing.  This was a fun little project that was definitely worth doing – the buns turned out fresh and soft, with a nice crisp bottom that held up to the burger and toppings nicely.

Pictures from our burger night are below!  Hope everyone is doing well out there 😊

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