Making Bon Appetit’s Digestive Cookies

My parents lived in England for three years, and during our visits there for college and grad school breaks, we would partake in a sleeve of Digestive cookies as a delightful snack or as a biscuit with tea (only when my Dad didn’t make his full spread, of course).  My sister developed quite a fondness for them, and they became one of our favorite British products during my parents’ time there.  So, when I saw that Bon Appetit had developed a new recipe for Digestives, I immediately sent it to my sister and cleared our baking schedule for some cookies yesterday afternoon.

I love that this recipe is super easy – just add all of the ingredients to a food processor and pulse together.  I also like that these *seem* healthy, lots of whole wheat flour and oats as the base.  If I had one critique (which I do here), I would cut back on the salt (1 tsp is too much, mine are more salty than I would like).  I made mine fun star shapes, because we could all use some fun star-shaped cookies these days.  Pictures from my baking adventure below and up top, recipe is linked below!

Happy baking, friends!

Recipe from Bon Appetite here.  Enjoy!

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