Furikake on Buttered Brown Rice has been my Quarantine Snack of Choice

Warm, buttery, full of savory/umami flavors – buttered brown rice seasoned with furikake has been my quarantine snack of choice.  Every time I make rice, I set some aside for my future snacking self.  It completely satisfies my cravings for warm, savory carbs every time.

There is no real recipe for this – just some warm brown rice (leftovers will do), a pat of butter, and a thorough sprinkling of furikake seasoning.  I usually mix this all together and add some extra furikake on top for that extra savory hit. 

This recipe is nothing new, and it is the light version of the classic Japanese dish Tomago Kake Gohan, which incorporates a raw egg, soy sauce, MSG, and mirin into the mix.  I like the butter and furikake version for its simplicity, but maybe one day I’ll try to make the whole meal.  I linked the Serious Eats recipe if you want to give it a try.

I buy my Furikake at Trader Joes, and it is readily available on Amazon and at Asian markets, and even some standard grocery stores.  It is a blend of nori (dried seaweed), sesame seeds, and salt, and packs an enormous savory punch.  If you find some in your re-stocking missions to the store, I encourage you to pick it up and give it a try!

Happy snacking!


4 comments on “Furikake on Buttered Brown Rice has been my Quarantine Snack of Choice”
  1. marcella16092 says:

    That sounds so good


    1. aucellc says:

      It really is!

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      1. marcella16092 says:

        follow me if you want….. i have a foood recipe on my blog too, and other stuff


      2. marcella16092 says:

        follow me?


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