Recipe: Roasted Garlic Spread

So, we grew lots of garlic!  Which was very fun and very exciting – but now, what to do with it?  If you want a recipe that tastes amazing while making your entire house smell like garlic for a 24-hour period of time, look no further.

In all seriousness, this recipe did stink up my house, but I have found the resulting garlic spread to be very versatile and delicious.  Mix this into salad dressings, use it to top hummus, mix in with greens or a batch of pesto, stir into roasted or mashed potatoes, make garlic bread.  I even used mine to top a tomato toast last night and it was very good.  The possibilities here are endless – anywhere garlic can go, this can go. 

I took pictures of the process, so I decided to post this as a picture recipe instead of listing out the instructions.  Let me know what you think of this format!

Happy garlic times, everyone!


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