I Made Gourmet Pop Tarts from Bon Appetit’s Gourmet Makes

If you are looking for a fun and rewarding project, might I recommend making Gourmet Pop Tarts?  As a big fan of Bon Appetit’s YouTube series Gourmet Makes, I was very excited that they released the first recipe ever from that show for viewers to make and test.  I jumped on the opportunity to test out a new recipe, and I had a lot of fun doing it!

This recipe is very involved and took me a total of 4 days, broken up into various stages.  First, I made my own loquat jam for the filling (I went rogue from the strawberry filling in the recipe, I couldn’t help myself).  The next day, I made and chilled the pastry dough.  The following day, I assembled the Pop Tarts and baked them, and allowed them to cool overnight.  And finally, I frosted and added the sprinkles on the last day.  I was rewarded with a fresh Pop Tart breakfast, which was very exciting indeed.

I’m generally not a fan of a Sunday – Wednesday baking adventure, but I found this to be a nice little project for my quarantine that had very manageable steps.  The biggest chunks of time were spent making the jam for the filling and the assembly/baking.  It took me about an hour each day, which was a nice little cooking project over the week that gave me something to do between conference calls and emails.

The results were super fun, and I’m very pleased with how they turned out.  They taste amazing – which is no surprise as they are basically mini pies with extra frosting.  I linked the recipe from Bon Appetit below, along with pictures from my baking adventures.  I also linked the original Gourmet Makes video to help inspire your Gourmet Pop Tart adventure!

Recipe linked here!

Original Gourmet Makes Pop Tarts Episode linked here!

Happy Baking!

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