I Made Classic Birthday Cake from King Arthur Flour

February is Chris’s birthday month, and over the weekend we got to celebrate with cake!  We have a tradition in this house that the birthday person gets to pick a fun cake recipe, and the other person makes it.  This always leads to something fun and different each year, and helps us try new things!

This year, Chris picked the Classic Birthday Cake from King Arthur Flour.  It was a super fun project for me to make, and I actually enjoyed all of the steps.  From making and baking the cake layers to whipping up a quick and easy chocolate buttercream, this cake slowly but surely came together into a beautiful, two layered delight.  I was so impressed and excited when we finally cut into it that it turned out so well, and all the work was worth it.

So, if you have a free weekend day to spent assembling a delightful cake for someone you love, give this recipe a try!  It’s definitely a little project but well worth it all in the end.  Pictures of my baking process and link to the recipe below!

Make it: Classic Birthday Cake from King Arthur Flour


3 comments on “I Made Classic Birthday Cake from King Arthur Flour”
  1. Muayyad Karadsheh says:

    Hey happy belated birthday!! I miss your blogs. I’ve been out of it lately from everything & busy with work. My birthday is on feb. 3rd as well ! 🙂


    1. aucellc says:

      Happy belated birthday to you! Hope you’re doing well, despite being so busy!


  2. Muayyad Karadsheh says:

    Thanks! so ready for things to get back to half normal.


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