My Go-To Waffle Recipe from NYT Cooking

You may have noticed a couple of waffle recipes appearing here on the blog over the years, but 9 times out of 10 that I’m making waffles, I’m making this recipe from Melissa Clark at NYT Cooking.  This waffle recipe always results in the best waffles – light, fluffy, but substantial waffles that can hold up to any toppings you throw on them – anything from jam to maple syrup goes.  These waffles are not overly sweet and feel balanced with protein considering that they are loaded with eggs, milk, and yogurt.  Perfect for a special weekend brunch at home, or meal prep for the week to have waffles on hand for quickly re-toasting on a weekday.

I usually make this recipe as is (because it’s perfect), but sometimes I get creative and swap some things out or add in some extra nuts and seeds.  I tend to swap out one cup of AP flour with whole wheat flour for a little extra nuttiness and added whole grains.  Last weekend I also added about a quarter of a cup of flax seeds to my mix, and I’ve been known to add some roughly chopped nuts or oats as well for a little extra bulk.  Feel free to get creative with flours or other add-ins to make these waffles your own!

If you’ve been inspired to make this recipe, click on the link here to access it.  I’m not going to transcribe this recipe here in this post because it’s not my own, but definitely check it out on NYT Cooking!

Happy brunching, friends!

Need some additional waffle inspiration?  Try these recipes from the blog as well:

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