I Made Black, Green, and White Cookies from Bon Appetit

This recipe has been one of those recipes that the instant I saw it, I knew I had to make it.  This cookie idea has been floating around the back of my mind for a year or two at this point, and I decided that this year, this cookie is going to be added to the box

The recipe comes from Rick Martinez during his time at Bon Appetit, and it truly is a stunner of a recipe.  It incorporates two whole cups (!!) of fresh mint leaves into these cookies, resulting in a super fresh, slightly herbal sugar cookie base that is so different than anything else in my cookie box (in a good way).  The fresh mint is blended into sugar in a food processor to create a bright green mint sugar, which is so beautiful and smells incredible.  From there, butter is blended in along with the dry ingredients and eggs, and everything comes together in the food processor.  After a brief chill time in the fridge, the dough is rolled out and cookies are made!

I went a little rogue on the decoration, as I actually skipped the chocolate frosting portion (sorry, Rick!) and opted for a cute, leaf shape. I did use the decorative white sugar as Rick suggested, however I went for the sprinkles all over the cookie for some texture, and I thought the sparkly shine would add to the leaf effect (kind of like a frosted leaf).  I love the way the cookies came out from a visual perspective, beautifully and naturally green with a little bit of sugar sparkle.  These definitely stood out in my cookie box this year, and I loved how pretty they looked and the fresh, herbal minty notes they provided.

Recipe linked here and below as well if you want to make these yourself!  I’m not going to re-write the recipe in this post because it’s not my own, so head on over to Bon Appetit to check this recipe out and make a batch!

Make It!  Black, Green, and White Cookies from Rick Martinez

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