Apricots and Cream are my New Quarantine Snack of Choice

I’ve been eating this on repeat for the past couple of weeks.  Slightly indulgent, very simple, and a classic combination of sweet, in season fruit with a little touch of rich heavy cream.  No extra sugar needed, and no whipping of the cream needed (although that would also be nice!).  Just slice the fruit, pour a small drizzle (1-2 tsp of cream, no more!) over the top, and enjoy!

I’ve been doing this with two sliced up apricots, and it also is a delight with fresh strawberries.  This has been my go-to on work from home afternoons, as it feels healthy while also feeling like a treat, which frankly I’m all about right now.  If you have any fresh fruit and cream in the house, I highly recommend this delightful little snack!

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