Making Ultra-Crispy Roasted Potatoes from Serious Eats

This is the only way I want to eat potatoes from now on.  Seriously, this recipe is so good.  We’ve made this twice in the last week it’s so good.  J Kenji Lopez-Alt – you’ve done it again, sir! 

This roasting method is a bit of a *project*, but here in quarantine times, I have plenty of time to spare, and the extra effort in is totally worth it.  There is pre-boiling, some stirring, and finally some baking, and the results are the most glorious, satisfying, crunchy potatoes I’ve ever made in an oven.

First, the potatoes are chopped into large pieces and added to boiling water spiked with plenty of salt (for seasoning) and some baking soda.  The baking soda creates an alkaline solution, which helps break down the potatoes even more than boiling alone, allowing the potatoes to release some very important starch.  After boiling, potatoes are drained and mixed in fat infused with garlic and rosemary.  The potatoes are mixed vigorously into the fat, allowing the exteriors of the potatoes to mash and break down slightly.  What looks mushy and sad at the beginning as all of the starches coat the potatoes will soon become an extremely crunchy crust after baking.  The more mush, the better!

After stirring in the fat and working up that outer mush, the potatoes get transferred to a sheet tray (single layer, please!) and cooked for about an hour at 450F. Yes, that is a long time in a very hot oven.  But the crunch that will be achieved will be totally worth it!  Stop and stir once or twice during cooking for that even browning, and you will be rewarded.

We made these last night and threw another sheet tray with sausages and broccoli in the oven at the 30 minute cooking mark.  We got to play games and relax while the oven did all of the work!  I couldn’t recommend this recipe more, so go make it!  Link to access the recipe is here, pictures from my crispy potato adventure up top and down below!

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