Product Review: Trader Joes Grainless Coconut and Cassava Tortilla Chips

I’m usually very skeptical when it comes to gluten free items – I love gluten, and I have no problems with gluten (both physically and emotionally).  But, I do like to try new things, and when I saw these grainless chips during my last trip to Trader Joe’s, I was admittedly intrigued.

Coconut and Cassava?  That can’t taste good.

But, where is the corn?  I love a corn-y tortilla chip.  This won’t deliver.

Are they going to be crunchy?  To be a good tortilla chip, they have to be crunchy.

These were the thoughts running through my mind when I threw them in my cart.  I fully expected these to taste like bland, sunscreen-y, sad chips – but of course, I bought them anyway.  I had to try them.  And turns out, my expectations were totally wrong.

These chips are delicious.  Super crunchy, salty, slightly onion-y/savory, and do not taste like overpowering coconut at all.  They are similar to Doritos in texture – pretty dense, very substantial chips, thick, and super crunchy.  While they do lack in corn flavor, they have a nice flavor overall due to the addition of onion and garlic powder, and some additional seeds (poppy, sesame, chia).  They’re also perfectly salty, the slightest bit greasy (with avocado oil), and the perfect amount of bland that I’m looking for in a tortilla chip.

As for usage, they held up perfectly to dipping into chili, and stayed crunchy after soaking in the chili while I was eating.  These would also hold up to loaded nachos beautifully, which I would have made if we didn’t eat the whole bag last night!  Perfectly dip-able and scoop-able, which to me is the whole point of a tortilla chip.

Overall, these chips are great – whether you are looking for grain substitutions in your diet or not.  If you see these on your next TJ’s run and want to give them a try, go for it!  I hope you like them as much as I do!

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