Work from Home Lunch: Everything But the Bagel Lox Toast

I have been craving lox and cream cheese lately (as I do from time to time).  Lox on a bagel is one of my favorite foods, so I made this little lunch today to help scratch that itch.  I used a seeded bread as the base (which is not nearly as tasty as a good bagel, but definitely healthier), topped with a layer of cream cheese, Everything But the Bagel Seasoning, lox, and capers.  Super simple and satisfying lunch, with all of the flavor aspects that I was craving.  Picture recipe is down below!

I went for a simple topping of capers, but you could definitely add red onions or make this deluxe by adding a big slice of tomato.  This would work with any bread/toast that you have around, including bagels if you have them!  This combo also works well with butter, sour cream, or Greek yogurt instead of the cream cheese.  Hopefully these suggestions offer some flexibility to have what you need to make a nice lunch during your work from home calls!


2 comments on “Work from Home Lunch: Everything But the Bagel Lox Toast”
  1. This looks delicious ❤️


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