We Made Fermented Hot Sauce!

My friends at Pickalittle Farm sent me home with a giant harvest of jalafuego (slightly larger jalapenos) and Fresno chili peppers a couple of weeks back.  We decided it was the perfect time to make a batch of fermented hot sauce to use them all up, considering we had about a pound of peppers.  We also added a few of our own jalafuegos and banana peppers to fill up our fermentation jar, which made us a total of six 8 oz mason jars of hot sauce.

We used the recipe from Farm Steady (click the link to access it!), which is where we bought our fermentation kit last year.  The recipe works really well and produces good hot sauce with a nice fermented funk, so it’s our go-to recipe every year.  The recipe also calls for adding one carrot, which I think adds a little flavor and color to the mix instead of straight pepper.  The fermentation time for this is two weeks, so it requires a little patience, but that will be rewarded with an awesome sauce at the end!

I won’t re-copy the recipe here because it isn’t my own, so please check out the link to Farm Steady to make it for yourself!  With a pound and a half of peppers, a carrot, some onions, salt, water, and time, you’ll be on your way to a very fun and flavorful hot sauce that makes great use of your pepper harvest.  We just planted 6 new pepper plants in Santa Barbara, which means we’ll probably have the opportunity to experiment with different peppers in the future.  If I come up with my own fun ratios, I’ll be happy to share!  In the meantime, I hope this inspires you to ferment some peppers and make some awesome, home-made hot sauce!

Pictures from our hot sauce making adventure below!  Photoshoot of our pepper harvest up top!


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