I Made Kumquat Marmalade from Epicurious

Linzer cookies are always in the rotation of my annual cookie box, and I like to go a little extra every year by making my own jams for the filling (it’s too much, I know – but I love it!).  For this year’s box, I brought back the Mulled Wine Cranberry Jam from last year, and added this new one inspired by the beautiful kumquat tree in our garden.  I’ve been wanting to make a kumquat marmalade since we joined the garden 4 years ago, and this year it finally happened.

The tree in the garden is always loaded with fruit this time of year, so Chris and I went to work harvesting (probably too many) kumquats to create my vision.  I scoured the internet for a recipe to use, and I decided to go with this super straightforward one from Epicurious.  I liked that the ingredients were simple (just water, sugar, and fruit) and that it came together in a matter of minutes (not including the chopping time, which if you make as much as I did, will add a significant amount of prep time to the recipe).  Regardless, this recipe was simple and user friendly, and the results were visually stunning and delicious.  The color is a beautiful bright orange and the flavor is full of tart, zesty, citrusy notes that is complex and exciting to eat – I truly can’t recommend this recipe enough.

I ended up doubling the recipe, which made about 6 8-oz mason jars of jam.  I allowed my jam to cool on the counter overnight and stored them in the fridge after that to ensure food safety, even though all of the jars sealed tightly.  The recipe recommends refrigeration, so I would assume this recipe is not suitable for canning and long-term storage.  I’ve been using mine on toasts and in my Linzer cookies, and I’m already down to about 3 jars!

Recipe linked down below if you want to make it, along with a link to my Mulled Wine Cranberry Jam if you want to try making that as well (it’s a good one!).  I don’t repost full recipes that are not my own on my blog, but I’m always happy to send you to the source of recipes that I’ve tried and liked.  Click through on the links below to make kumquat marmalade of your own!

Make It!  Quick and Simple Kumquat Marmalade from Epicurious (click here for the recipe!)

Make It! Mulled Wine Cranberry Jam from me (click here for the recipe!)

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