Recipe: Classic Apple and Blue Cheese Salad

I love the flavor combination of apples and blue cheese, and this is a classic salad that always works so well together.  Crunchy, tart apples, creamy, tangy blue cheese – it’s a perfect match!  Plus, this salad can be topped with many fun add-ons for endless customization based on ingredients that you have on hand.

I topped this salad with my classic balsamic vinegar and olive oil as the dressing, but anything ranging from apple cider vinegar to blue cheese dressing would work great here.  In fact, an easy way to get to this salad if you don’t have actual blue cheese on hand would be to use just apples and your favorite lettuce, topped with blue cheese dressing.  Pears or Asian Pears would be great swaps for the apples, and any favorite salad green will work here as the base (lettuce/lettuce mixes, baby spinach, baby kale, arugula – all good!).

This salad is just begging for extra toppings as well, although they are obviously not required.  Some good options here could be pecans or pumpkin seeds/pepitas for a fun fall vibe, or dried cranberries or cherries with almonds for a more wintery/hearty feel.  Additional dried apples would also be a nice touch if you have them, which would bring the apple flavor to new heights in this salad.  Mix and match, or go for the classic base in the recipe below.  Choose your own salad adventure!

Recipe down below, photo up top!  This recipe makes enough for one big lunch salad, so feel free to scale up if making for a dinner side or a group.

Classic Apple and Blue Cheese Salad


  • 1 cup lettuce or salad greens
  • 1 apple
  • 2 tbsp of blue cheese, crumbled
  • 1 tsp balsamic vinegar
  • 1 tsp extra virgin olive oil
  • Pinch of flakey (Maldon) salt


  1. Wash and thoroughly dry salad greens, as needed.  Place on the bottom of a plate to form a nice bed of greens.
  2. Cut the apple in half (lengthwise, through the stem) and in half again (lengthwise, through the stem) into quarters.  Use a knife to cut out the core from the center of each apple quarter. Cut the apple quarters in half again (lengthwise) and cut these halves crosswise into 1-inch (bite-sized) chunks.  Place chopped apples on top of lettuce on the plate.
  3. Crumble blue cheese directly on top of the lettuce and apples.
  4. Drizzle salad with balsamic vinegar, olive oil, and sprinkle with flakey salt to finish.
  5. Grab a fork and enjoy!


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